Friday, October 21, 2011

Text-to-Speech for Windows

The Text-to-Speech feature is one of the most fundamental support features in Read&Write 10 Gold. Text can be read as you type or from any document. It will read each word, sentence, paragraph or selected text. There is a choice of different voices which can be adjusted to suit you by altering the pitch, speed and volume. According to Texthelp, they have the most human-sounding voices (for whatever reason, I wasn't able to experience the different voices. The lovely Jane was all I was able to hear). You can choose the way the text is highlighted. Text can be colour highlighted in the document. By hearing your work aloud you will be able to identify mistakes in punctuation, spelling and meaning. Simply place the cursor where you wish the text to be spoken. Click the play icon to hear it aloud. If on a website, highlight the text first.

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