Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fact Folder and Fact Mapper and Fact Finder for Windows

These three tools would be great addition to any class from upper elementary to university. Organizing writing assignments especially research projects would be much easier with these tools.

Fact Folder IconVideo Tour of Fact Folder

The Fact Folder Tool Can be used to collect info such as URL’s. Just highlight and click on the folder. It will give date author and source. Facts can be placed into categories. Can place images in the fact folder as well. Would be a great tool when writing papers. Would help keep students organized.

 you organize your facts. Acts as a graphic organizer. You can add images from various categories. You can view your facts in different arrangement

Fact Finder IconVideo Tour of Fact Finder

Using the links provided or adding your own you can search any topic you wish. A teacher would be able to add the search engines that the students should use.

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