Monday, October 17, 2011

Training options for Read&Write 4 Gold for Mac

TextHelp provides a number of access points for training. I started making my way through the 117-page Training Guide (got to page 18), but the 24-page Beginners' Guide Quick Start (on the UK site) is more succinct, easier to follow, and has better graphics. The Quick Reference Card is a handy document that you might want to print out.

In the long run, my favourite training tools were the video tours. They were short and well-structured with straight-forward graphics.

In addition to the documents and videos provided on the TextHelp website, there is also a section of resources created by teachers, trainers and students for use with Read&Write, including sample customized toolbars, worksheets, assignments and reference guides.

Check out some of the links at the top of the column to the left to explore the training options.


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  1. I too like the 24 pager Quick Start. Coming from a girl who is quite "old school", I found it really easy to follow (bonus for me). M